Building Fund

West Indies United, VA believes that every member/group of a society should be able to tell their stories to the community and the country for all to see and share. With a Caribbean Cultural Center, we can bring alive the truth about Caribbean persons and then share that captured truth with the broader community, state and the country. Our culture is rich with music and tradition – unlike any other in the world! Reggae (created in Jamaica) and calypso (created in Trinidad and Tobago) captures the world! The steel drum, this 20th century instrument (invented in Trinidad) is one of the sweetest instruments in the world – bar none!!

Our festivals and accomplishments are celebrated the world over. Yet, our stories are not told in a way that captures the imagination. It is time to highlight Caribbean persons that have made a difference in all our lives. We need your help to build / renovate, etc., a building to serve as a Caribbean Cultural Center. We have experience with Hampton’s International children festival (ICF)  since 2004. Our goal is for the center to be self-sustainable, small fees for operational purposes and continue our work with scholarships for High School students entering any college. Most of the work would be done by supporters and mostly volunteers. Thanks for your help!

Please visit our GoFundMe page to donate:

Note:  ” the only place that success comes before work, is in the dictionary.”


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